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Importance Of A Logo

One of the first and foremost things a business does when it starts, is to register its name and create a logo for itself, which is also registered. This will prevent other companies or business entities from using the same logo.

So why is a logo important?

When one can create a logo of their choice, why would they copy or use some other brand/ company’s logo? A logo is the design a customer associates the company with. Hence when a company strives hard and creates a name for itself amongst its customers, the logo becomes famous and more noticeable.

Visuals are more memorable than words; hence people tend to remember the logo better than the name of the product or the tag line, no matter how exceptional it may be. Hence a logo is important to capture a good space in the minds of the consumers.

Get It Registered

Logos need to be registered by the companies. Every company has to register its logo and get it copyrighted. This protects not only the company’s logo being misused, but will also ensure the company is not mistaken for another company.

If it is not registered and a new company in the same industry uses the logo or something very similar (same design in a slightly different shade).Customers will get confused and believe the new product to be that of the old established company. Not only will the new company steal away the market share, if there are problems or complaints against the new product, the old established company will suffer a loss, as people think both are the same company, they will avoid the products. This will result in a drop in sales and eventually a slowdown in the business.

How To Create A Logo

SO, are you creating or planning to create a logo for your business. Here are few factors to be kept in mind, to make the logo meaningful and effective.

  • The logo need not symbolize anything pertaining to the industry you are into. If yours is a milk supplying company, there is no need to stick to just pictures of flowing milk or a cow. Many companies have just the first letter of their names as a logo.
  • The logo must be easy to understand. If it is going to be a grouping of complicated images, people will not only find it difficult to understand, such a logo will not stick in people’s minds.
  • If your company belongs to one of the not so famous industries, ensure the name of the product or service your company is into, is mentioned below the logo. People will be familiar with cars; hence a car company need not mention the word “car” in their logos. However, were it the logo of a company selling methane gas, the logo will be more effective, if the word methane or methane gas is present along with the logo design.
  • Check thoroughly to ensure your logo does not resemble some other company’s logo. Even if it were unintentional, the legal battles one will have to face, is just too much of a hassle.
  • If you are using just the first letter or a bunch of letters from the name of the company, ensure it is readable and not just stylish. When it is readable, people will connect easily and remember it better.
  • Once the logo is finalized, choose a color. The color can be bright and attractive or can go along with the industry. For example an organic drink’ logo can be in a bright shade or just green, to denote it is organic or natural.
  • Ensure that all your letter pads, business cards, etc have the logo along with the company’s name printed on them. This will be a professional communicating channel as you will be required to send and receive mail.
  • Do a test run, to see if people perceive it the way you intended the logo to be. If people are going to see it differently, it may ruin all your efforts to get a good logo or the business itself, as people will perceive your company or its name in a different sense.

Creating a logo is not very complicated, at the same time it is not something one can pull off with the free tools available online https://expertsknowbest.com/ here. No matter how you get your logo done, ensure you have all the permissions and papers.